Gandhigram Womens B.Ed. College Wardha


• Constructivist Approach to Teaching and learning

• Use of Technology in College and School Teaching Learning

• Computer Assisted learning

• Different approaches like co-operative learning, collaborative learning, team teaching, Brain based learning etc.

• Mobile learning.

• Working with community for understanding society

• Preparing teachers for Inclusive classroom

• Life skill Education


Gandhigram women’s B’Ed College, Wardha  started as a department in Gandhigram College Wardha then the College has been actively engaged in the teacher training programs. IIt is an aided college with qualified and learned faculty.

1) To equip the student teachers with respect to effective classroom teaching practices

2) To equip the student teachers with respect to the latest development in the field of education

3) To organize training programs with respect to new trends in education for teachers and teacher educators.

4) To develop instructional materials in the form of monographs, booklets, handwritten periodicals, teaching aids for the benefit of teaching community.

5) To organize need-based seminars, conferences, workshops for student teachers, teachers, teacher educators for improvement of quality of teaching.

6) To equip the student teachers with respect to development in the field of ICT.


“To prepare effective secondary and higher secondary teachers, who are capable of responding to the changing needs of the modern Indian Society with the challenges and opportunities available there in.”